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“Direct Detection” of Oil & Gas is the target of a new patented, Airborne EMT System   more....

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References to the Science and Oil & Gas Industry including Airborne Geophysics, the global search for oil..

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   How deep penetrating natural electric fields map hydrocarbons down to 20,000 feet or more from airborne platforms...


eField Airborne Directly Detects Texas Gas

In a presentation today at the PPROA Annual Convention, eField Exploration LLC (eField) unveiled the results of the first direct detection survey of a producing gas reservoir by a Passive Electro-Magnetotelluric (EMT) platform. The High Resolution EMT Airborne Survey mapped the Rhombochasm Field at a depth of 8,200 feet, while flying 1,000 feet over the Texas Palo Duro Basin in Cottle County.



Real Time Data with Oasis Montaj
eField has completed the airborne data acquisition phase of 3100 line miles of Texas survey....

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